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Supreme High Commander Val Thor

Universal Protection Command Headquarters

Altair Five under the dome

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COMMANDER’S MESSAGE ON MISSILE PROTECTION   FROM THE DESK OF SUPREME CMDR. THOR UNIVERSAL PROTECTION COMMAND    “I have a brief message for he planet.  For some time my Command has had both the country of North America and Israel under air Missile protection and we have recently added the country of Pakistan.  We do this at our discretion to prevent nuclear destruction where we deem it necessary in order to prevent undue loss of life.  The Country of Pakistan was added to our list at the…

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From the Deck of the Supreme High Commander Universal Protection Command This is an official message Transcribed by V. Terese Thor Via Alien Implant Technology THE ONLY TRUE ALIEN MESSAGE GIVEN PLANET EARTH I've been made aware there are several fake videos in circulation of this message given through the British Broadcasting Company on several of their channels in the year 1977 Earth date. This was a voice message only.  There was no visual picture on the screen.  Any pictures on any of the…

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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH THE COMMANDER Discussion on the Anti-Christ And other things These questions are not pre-planned   You have some time now, Commander, to talk with me?   “I’ll make time to talk with you.  Been awhile since you had time for me.  I thought when I assigned myself back to the Command ship here I would have more time for you.  It seems I’ve stayed about as busy here as I did at Headquarters. What’s on your mind? Not that I don’t know!”   I want to know what’s on your…

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Closing Remarks of Cmdr Thor at High Council Meeting

CLOSING REMARKS OF SUPREME COMMANDER  THOR At The UNIVERSAL  Confederation of Colonized Planets PROTECTION COMMAND Council   The unscheduled Council meeting is being held in The Conference room aboard the Flag Ship of the Altair Division of the Universal Protection Command.  The special council meeting was called by Cmdr V. Thor that only recently returned to our Solar System from the Universal Command Headquarters where he served as Commander and Chief of Operations for the Universal Command.…

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