GOD saying in Holy Quran to Muslim,"Hold tightly the rope of GOD and never divide yourselves in different sects."

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  • I agree with Brothers, one time I was putting up teachings of various religions of he world on myh website and researching what they believed.  Every religion I searched I had to go thorugh 3 or 4 pages sometimes more of sites put up telling bad things of each one and regrettably they were all Christian sites..  I was  smart I knew mos Christians were narrow minded bigots...(I'm a Christian now I'm not Muslim so don't blame the Muslims for saying that I said Christian I know!)

    Then I fund what the religion said of itself and posted it... I did one on ancient Wicca the earth religion of the poor people that worshipped a god for their crops, a god for the weather (Thor - that some mistake a and Donn Thor for, haha)  Some said witches eat babies alive...I found out they won't eat meat of any kind not even small insect they will not kill even bug or ant they take them outside tell them to go away..  Christians eat baby cows and yung chickens, Witches will not eat that they do OT eat babiels sorry folks...none of them.. Satanists are not Witches, Witches are not Satanists I don'tknow if Satnists do that or not I have not studied that.  but Witches do not do so...  Nicki Crfuz said his mother was witch no she wss Satanist married to a Satist priest so she had to be Satnaist as witches do not hae anything to do with Satanists they say they are evil... and they are...  true witches teach how to heal with herbs and chants, dance under the moon naked but they do not eat babies or kill things..they are ceful when dancing under moon not to step on a bug that is sin to them to do see how people believe lies... find out from the person in the religion what they believe never believe another person... 

    I did not know Muslims believed anything about Jesus at all and come to find out on the Islamic site you cannot become a Muslim until you believe in Jesus, that was was born of a virgin and grfeatest prophet there was yes greater than Muhammad peace be upon them both.  they teach Jesus was only Prophet had the Light of God Christians don't believe in the Light they say that is satanic...Oh what ignorance! Yes Jesus had the light of God He sai "I am the light" and "you are the lights"...

    Minister Donn knows what he is saying when I first began to minister in the name of the Lord I fund even churches with same denomination and ifferent uilding called each other devils...they'd say do not go there those people ave devils... I was so confjused I quit preaching five years! Would not go in a church... I neer forget this old Baptist I think maybe Pentecostal preacher in Durant, wse wsere making brush arbot for revival outside of town the couple I traveled with wsere fro Durant... this preacher knew them he said in service the poor people calling their names, had got mixed up withtthe Jezebel Prophetess of Revelation talking abut me cause I had hite and gold accordion, that was sin, too worldy should have black he said...I wsore pretty dresses bought in store, down to my ankles lon sleeves he said they were worldly..

    Went to one church found they made fun cause I had on hose so I took off hose and ent to another church the preacher looked down at my legs and preached o the unoly women showing their legs in church without hose... that's when I just quit oing to church for five years! I never wsent to church for five years and me a preacher...God clled, too.

  • Brother, one time a Jewish Rabbi, I believe was Reishi, not sure of that.  He was asked if he could stand on one foot and tell how to keep all the commandments of God?


    He stood on one foot and said,

    “Love God will all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your brother a yourself. Amen”. 

    Most think “brfother” means only one tht is in same church or grfoup or religion.  Not so. Jesus taught in the parable of the good Samaritan that your brother is all the world. In the parable the Samaritan, not a Jews, saw a Jew beate up in street.  He went to him and bound up his wounds, took him to an inn and said he would pay the bill, to care for him.  He said tht was the real brother, they were not of same religion.

    Today, Christians hate Muslims because they have been told that the Muslim Bible says to kill all Christians and they will get seventy virgins in heaven as wife. 

    Explain that your Quran does not say that. I know it does not, I have read it. 

    Valana heard a minister on TV in America claim to be reading it from the Quran.  No no no it is not there. The minister may have been given it as being there but it is not there.  That is a lie, the Bible says all liars will inherit the lake of fire. I told Valana do not put that minister’s music on my group again until he repents and tells the world it is not in Quran as it is not. The Minister never asked to have a real Quran he took the lie given him and ran with it Nevertheless he stands guilty before Almighty God until he repents.  That minister was Jimmy Swaggart and he lied knowingly or not a lie is a lie.


    I will teach what the Quran says about murder of innocent person myself.  It says plainly there is no forgiveness or for stealing the property of others. None. 


    All the holy wars because one side did not understand the other side.  People listen to what someone says a religion believes from someone never read that religion’s scripture or been taught it by someone in it…they tell things they have heard not things they know are true.  That in itself is sin.  

  • Amen, Brother.  Jesus prayed in garden, “Father that they may be one as we are one. He was not saying he was God he was saying all might be one in agreement and in spirit, he’s ot saying that all might be God!  Some teach that means he was God. No, it does not.  He wanted them not to divide into separate sects but they did not listen. 

    Another thing, you need to explain the name you used for Jesus that it is your language, like Jesus is English for Yeshua that is Hebrew. Jesus was a Jew, has Jewish name of Yeshua.  But in English it is translated as Jesus. 

    Many preachers say you call Jesus a ‘rat”! No no no.. we so tire of people of the planet that do not ask what it means they make up what they think it means and run off preaching hate.  It is word of respect for Jesus, I understand that but you need to explain it.

    The church Christian is divided into so many parts and years ago when I visited Earth, they were all calling each other devils because different sects.  Why not let your brother believe a scripture as he wishes. He is on a path, let God direct but people not devils because they do not believe a scripture like their neighbor.  Not important. Important is if they believe God and try to follow best they can.  All paths lead home by those seeking home. Some take longer.  Those not trying to get home are different, they do not take any path home..better to take long way home than not get home.

    Keep on teaching all should understand other religions are not evil only on other paths home.  Everyone say if you are not on my chosen path you are going to hell or you are antichrist or you are devil..not true. No one trying to serve God is a devil or wrong. Their path will one day make it up mountain, too.  All on a journey, all religions love God. God is greater than all. I also love that saying, God loves mankind more than 70 mothers, it is good, it is true.  We all need to love each other with love of 70 mothers. Then the world would be in peace.

    Jesus is not pleased with all the sects. He taught “Herein will you know my disciples, if they have love one for another.”  Where are the disciples of Jesus?

    There is a scripture in the Prophets says “In the place where they said you are not my people there shall you be called the children of God.” I have often meditated on that scripture.  

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