muslims are not terrorists

hello all Members,I want to tell you some important things about true muslims.1, Muslims are not terrorists. Islam teaches us to make peace in world and worship one GOD.2, The ISIS and other terrorist groups are funded by the powers who do not want peace in the world and who do not accepted in heart that there is a One GOD who creates the universe .3, Muslims believe and respect all holly books and believe in all the Prophets of GOD.4, Muslims loves humanity because it is ordered in Quran by GOD.5, Muslims believes that the murder of a innocent person is a sin which will never be regret by GOD. we will be send to hell if we do sins in this world.6, All Muslims believe that Jesus will come back again same as Muslims imam mehdi will return to end the friends of devils and finish the injustice from this world.7,GOD is one. world life is a test for us by GOD. The persons who will do good in this life will send to heaven(the paradise or the garden), and if we will do bad things in this world than we will send to hell.there are lot of other things to tell. I will tell you later .Regards,Syed Ali Ammar Shah Bukhari.Lalamusa Pakistan.

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  • MINISTER DONN and myself approve this writing.  It is truth.  I have heard myself a television minister read from what he called the Quran the hate message of the terrorist.  The minister was Jimmy Swaggart, a man I believe is true worshipper of God however he has been deceived by the false Quran message circulating by Terrorists that are not true Muslims but paid terrorists. We understand where the money comes from.

    I want to say more but the Commander Thor has stopped me.  He says he will write an official message on this shortly perhaps by tomorrow as when he speaks it is well known by Government it is not me speaking.  I was sent to him as agent for my Government in 1950, July 14th.  They will not admit this but it is known in High Security files with our pictures, mine aned Val's, that I was sent to him as contact between he and my President.  I am a telepath, I have been told the best a military branch ever met, twice, by officers, once in a telepathic experiment for them and once concerning my writings for Commander Val Thor to my former President who acted immediately upon the emergency request. I have received in private ceremony at request of a former President an official apology and thank you from him, the U.S. Air Force and Base Commander for what almost happened to me over this work for my country. I know this is true. All liars will have their part in the lake of fire at the closing of this age.  Minister Donn does not teach hell but destruction of the spirit, soul and body in the lake of fire forf sinners that will not serve the ONE Creator. That is merciful. God is not evil he will not torture his creations. This is Minister Donn's teachings I do not speak for Christiandom, I speak for Minister Donn and Commander of the Universal Protection Forces now in our solar system.  

    I am not a Prophetess I speak for the Nordic Aliens known as Val and Donn Thor that visited the planet again in late 1950's and met with Rev. Frank Stranges who wrote a book and whose pictures I use.  Rev Stranges was under a Security Clerance and could ot speak frfankly6 of them and he admitted to friends he had to add some fiction to story.  This was well known by some of the early members of his Inner Circle group which shared with me both on email and by phone. Others met Val in person I have spoken with another woman that he called she and her husband Mom and Pop and visited with them often.  I spoke with her in 1999 by phone as she saw my website and story of him and called me. When I write forf him it is known it is my writing but his words.

    This group is very important to get the truth to the American people and Jesus has said, "The truth will make you free".  Mslims and Christians must join hand against the evils of the  world, he anti-christ and the shadow government inspired by the Satanists and the Illuminati that is financing the terrorist organizations to cause world war to thin the population. Commander Thor says it will destroy all life on the planet we must not have war!

    Plans for evacuation are now in effect.  This evacuation of the saints is called by Christians the rapture. It will include all that look for the return of Jesus Christ. This also includes he Muslims.  No unbelievers in Jesus will be allowed on the ships.

    Donn has corrected this, he states one must believe in God and that Jesus was sent not necessarily he will return only believe in God and Jesus. One does not have to believe in the many doctrines of the Christians as there are many who try to live righteous lives and not open sinners.  God will judge them he will not but no evil people will be allowed.  No one that takes innocent life or enters a school as was done recently in Pakistan and kill over a hundred innocent children as the terrorists did will be allowed safe haven.  They will stay to be destroyed by the holy fire of God.  It is time to turn to God. The warning has been given, One warning is that is required to be given to the world.  We are seen worldwide here, this is a warning citizens of the world, get ready to meet your God. We are here for such a time as this.

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