On our site in past I put up groups on various religions of the world and various branches of the Christian faith for understanding of the truth of what was taught. 

No religion is evil, no one, out of evil intent, studies a religion or attempts to live it for any evil reason, always it's a quest for God, a quest for the purpose of one's soul.  It's in the heart of all, to find the way, the path they should walk, even the most evil man on earth desires this, though he may not realize it consciously.

I found long ago if you want to know what a religion teaches, go to one that practices it, believes in it, and ask. Do not ask someone that never even read a page of heir sacred writings.  They do not know.

So we have asked a very devout and sincere Muslim friend to teach us what Islam is all about. He's not only a sincere believer but a direct descendant of their Prophet.  I have asked my friend from Facebook and member of this site to teach this class, Syed Ali Ammar Shah Bukkari

Minister Donn Thor will be assisting by making a comparison of the two great religions of the world from the basis of the.Primitive Christianity we teach here on the site. - Valana

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terrorist attacked pakistan.

hello everyone,Yesterday terrorist attacked in Lahore city of Pakistan . 24 innocent persons were killed and dozens get injured . I strongly condemn that terrorist attack and request every member to pray for the martyrs of the attack. GOD will send these terrorists to hell they just labeled them that they are Muslims. reality is that they are not Muslims. May GOD protect everyone from these rascals.

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A member asked me few questions

hello all members,I hope every one will be fine by the help of GOD. I was busy in my domestic affairs so that I did not post. one member asked me few questions . here below1. do you means when educated sometimes do not pray? what is Clark ?Answer: education do not stops a person to full filing religious works. but in our country mostly educated people do not have time to go to mosque for saying prayers or they do not go to mosque because they think the Clark's are not educated. its reality in…

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compete with each other in doing good

hello all members.I hope every one will be fine by the help of GOD.I apologize for the behavior of some Muslim men and any negative impression they may have left you with, but I assure you True Islam (the Islam that teaches us to respect the teaching of Jesus and Moses, and considers all people of Abrahamic faith to be cousins) , not what you see in the media, is actually a beautiful religion.God explicitly states that the existence of people from different faiths and opinions is something that…

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verse of Quran

hello all members GOD told us in quran about compassionate living. here I am writing a holy verse of Quran,"It is not righteousness that you turn your faces to the East or the West, but truly righteous is he who believes in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets, and spends his money for love of Him, on the kindred and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and those who ask for charity, and for ransoming the captives; and who observes Prayer and pays the Zakat;…

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  • Very grateful I am that we have a voice of truth here from our brother. Thank you so much. KOR-
  • Maybe this is wrong group for Islam post. I will give the url for where I read about Islam. I see they never denied Jesus existed.
    (I had not posted here at first because I did not know if it was the truth or Internet talk.)
    Jesus Will Return
    And (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me: this is a Straigh…
  • I will be assisting our Muslim brother, that has so graciously agreed to teach, by making a comparison study as he goes along, with the Christianity I was commissioned to come here to teach. As we’ve made clear, we are not a denomination nor doctrine of the planet but I am here on assignment from the one called, the Christ, and the site was created for the purpose of my teaching.
    We welcome representatives of all religions of the planet to come here and teach that all might learn the truths they have to offer. Valana found years ago that if she wanted to know what a religion taught to go to one that lived it, not to one that never even read a scripture but tried to make themselves authority on another’s belief system.
    When this teaching is complete we hope it will be shared with the major Islamic Teachng site so they might present it as well as the comparison study that has been done. Again, we cannot understand a religion with the carnel mind but must know from the practitioners themselves the truth. Paul told us this, that the carnal mind in enmity with God and cannot please God, which it cannot. So we try to get the heart of religions in order to judge.
    I want to say here in the beginning of this study, I see a great likeness in the teachings and hope this will continue and I will continue to place notes, as I did on the Part 2 we just finished reading and making our notes on it. I see a great similarity in he primitive teachings of the followers of Christ and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be unto him, though he could in no way have known them. The Gnostic or Primitive Christian writings were not available in his time though some have now been unearthed and translated.
    We want to put up he Gnostic writings as soon as we can, Valana, so I can refer to them. I believe this will turn out to be a rather rewarding study as so far I see a great similarity in the teachings.
    I also see in the two roses on the Quran perhaps a mystical symbol of the two great religions of the world that both worship the ONE God in their own ways, joining hands for the final victory over the anti-christ spirit that is even now in the world and about to be revealed.
    I know I’m asking a lot of you Sis and you want to write a book or rather Val wants you to write another book but I’m asking you to devote your time for awhile with me as I believe this is going to be of greater value to the world as we attempt to bring together these two bodies of religious belief in order to join hands as the two roses are joined.
    I also want to do a critique, in a third group, of the Quran itself as we read it together. I realize I’m asking a lot but I would also like posted these other personal teachings they mention of the Prophet for my critique. I wish could have a picture of Sis right now as she frowns at me!
    Now I’m going to be as Abraham, that kept going down in numbers of righteous people of Sodom, that if just so many were found would God not destroy Sodom? Could we bring in a Messianic Jew brother to also help us to bring together, not just the two but three great religions of the world, and only religions that worship the ONE true God?
    All three religions of the same God now screaming at each other that the antichrist is coming from this one or that one. The Muslims saying the antichrist is a Jew the Jews saying the antichrist is a Muslim and the radical Islamics saying the antichrist is Christian.
    Can we, together, stop the violence and hate and suspicion because, my friends, the anti Christ is coming and sooner than one might think and not a Jew, not a Muslim not a Christian nor Pope but a three eyed devil from the sky that will present himself as Jesus Christ! And will be believed because of his powers. He will wear in the center of his forehead a jewel, that many will consider to be a third eye! Actual light will come forth from this third eye and destroy his enemies.
    Join hands with us, my friends and brothers as we have little time left.
    • thanks brother. I hope you will have a good health. I would like to discuss so many things with you but I could not share them here.
    • If you are speaking to me, yes, that will be fine, just write me. I am at Shasta now awhile, on the planet, just write me on message board and I'll talk with you. I have great respect for the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him also. I know he was true Prophet also, we differ in only few things. I do not think last prophet as Revelation speaks of the seven Angels called Revelators, They we consider Prophets but then that's a term, might be different understanding of the word Prophet and Revelator to some. So in that way could be last Prophet. But the Revelators are coming, woud be interested in knowing your opinion of the one speaks from the sky saying the time for the judgment of God has come, Fear God and give glory to Him. That is first Revelator or Prophet of time of the end time. Perhaps the word is in question of Prophet there just what we always called the office of Revelator.
  • I always enjoy reading sites that are informational on all subjects, and spirituality is no different. I don't want anyone preaching at me to try to convert me into anything, but to tell me about their perspective is always my opinion. How can I know what is in another's heart if I am ignorant to their beliefs whether it is religious, governmental, commerce, whatever. We normally have to sift the wheat from the shaft when a so called preacher comes to town to tell us how to live and believe, and have their hand out for cash, but to converse with someone who lives their beliefs and shares them as a gift and does not care if I have the same beliefs I feel is a better way to learn from the inside out, the pouring out of the giver's heart. If you can put yourself in their place for even a moment, you can better know them as a person, and not assume nor presume things about them from a stereotyped opinion. Long winded way of saying, get to know each as an individual and not group everyone into one ideal. My maiden name is Finkle. I have had people refuse to acknowledge me or communicate with me because they are anti-semitic. They assume I am Jewish and they hate all who are, so will not give me the time of day. I even had an editor who did some editing work for me on a novel I wrote, and she suggested I stop using that name professionally because it was "too Jewish". I was speechless for a few minutes, then she said it was also her maiden name and she was speaking from experience. The surname she was going by at that time was Christmas. I swear this is true...and she was Jewish and how much of a sellout is that? LOL...we should not be defined by generalizations but rather by our actions.
  • Can't wait to read some more on this! I get tired of all the hatred towards certain religions and race of people.
  • This information about Islam is so, so important and I for one am most grateful we have a chance to learn more and open up the LIGHT for a better understanding. KOR-
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