In the Rose Garden Chapel Sanctuary

Aboard the Victor Command Ship


Val is transporting to the Victor to assist Jill as he has time to do so in the absence of Minister Donn, who is on the planet at this time temporarily on business. Donn is staying at Mt. Shasta with the tall white Nordics for some meetings with the Nordics here on the planet.

 I can do the Morning Service and since Val is in charge this morning I’ll share the services.  I really miss doing the Sanctuary services trying to talk Donn into doing them again at least on Friday nights as we’ve done for seven years.  Maybe when he gets back to the ship we’ll do them again.  That has always been my favorite work and we’ve had more outside viewers for that service than anything I’ve done here and I know they have reached many people for God.

Val is singing,”Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand” and I know no one better to represent him than Russ Taff who sings from his heart. Let’s listen in on the service. I’m not sure if Val or Jill will teach this morning but I will try to write for either as Val is there to help me.


They have devotional services with each crew change so the crews can come in for prayer and worship.  Sometimes the early morning chapel services are the very best.  Jill is now leading in the doxology.  We present these services so people will know this planet is not the only place in the Universe that knows and worships the Great Creator of All.  This represents the prayer and worship of the Missionary ship from the Pleiades sector of the Universe.

Worship God with the Pleiadians from the Aldebaron Star.



I’ll give a little information while they are worshiping on where the ship is from. Aldebaron (the follower) named because it seems to follow along with the Seven Sisters, is an orange star if replacing our Sun would come nearly to Mercury in size though it is not as hot as our Sun.  The Victor fleet of ships comes from a small planet close enough yet far enough away from their Sun to make it possible for life similar to ours to dwell on surface though they do have some underground dwellers as the temperature is beginning to fall some small degree yearly and they foresee the time they will have to move underground or under domes.

The Aldebaron people are the tall Nordics though Donn is not much over 6’ 5” approximately, he’s some bit taller than Val and Val jokingly calls him at time, “Little Brother” though they are not related by blood at all.  Val is one of the very dark Altarians with skin looks like a very deep sun tan, he would be considered a middle easterner by his skin color.  He’s shorter, around 6 feet if that much. Both very much like Earthian males, and would not be recognized as Aliens in a crowd. 

Val tells me around eihhty percent of the civilizations in our Universe are either the tall white Nordics or the smaller, darker skinned beings the same as Earthians.  Commander Jill is one of the tall whites, with dark hair though she bought her a wig when on the planet with them in the 50’s and likes to be blonde at times. In her picture you can see the dark hair showing.  And because she is trying to wear a wig for the first time, she doesn’t seem her typical relaxed, friendly self.  Here are the three together in a photo taken at the Menger Farm when they were all here in late 1950’s.



Val just corrected me about something I said above, he watches my writing like a hawk it seems.  They do live in dome cities on surface the ancients did not but they have now gone under domes as their sun has gone through a change. He didn’t say what kind as he's fixing to give the morning devotional teaching.  The next words you read will be Val’s, then they will do one more song, then the ones that wish to continue in prayer will come to the altar or find a place to kneel and pray and commune with God as long as they wish to do so.  It’s a shame our earth churches have taken out the Altars of prayers for the rock bands and tambourine troups.  There are God’s people on other planets that still know how to pray.


“Good Morning, members of the Chapel Services in the Earth Mission Station and the crew members here gathered for worship.  I’m going to speak a few minutes on the mystery of Christ.  I’ll quote from the Planet Earth’s Sacred writings as Minister Donn does when our services are being transcribed there.

From Colossians 1:26-27 the Apostle Paul states,

“This is the mystery hid from generations to generations now revealed unto his saints, which is, “Christ in you, the hope of Glory”.

Just what does this mean, “Christ in you”.  On the Earth planet Jesus, born of a virgin, is often called, “The Christ”.  Christ is a word meaning “The anointed one” and is synonymous with God the creator.There is a small segment of Christianity that have believed this to mean that Jesus was God the Father Creator though the general view of most Christian theology does not go along with that interpretation.

Let’s look at what Jesus himself taught.  He made the statement, “Of my own self I can do nothing, the Father within does the work.”  This also applies to the teaching. So in essence Jesus simply voiced the words of the Creator.

The Creator is not a glorified man as has been supposed through the years but Jesus taught the Creator is “Spirit” not “a” spirit as a translator inserted the word, as that was his understanding.  Though scripture tells us not to add to or take from the Word of God and that is adding to.  So those that read the Bible of Earth should take a pen and scratch through all italisized words as those added by the translators are in italics.  That was their understanding which may or may not be right and in that instance, it is not correct.

Jesus taught clearly that God is Spirit not flesh and blood being.  Jesus also made clear no man had seen God at any time.  Wait a minute, you might say, didn’t Moses and the Elders of Israel see God?  Our Creator God can do what he wishes if he wishes to appear in a body he can easily do so as there is nothing impossible with God however there is another explanation for that scripture but I won’t try to go into it at this present time as this is not a long teaching but a devotional.

Let us go to Genesis chapter one, twenty seventh verse, “God created man in his image and ikeness, God created them male and female” and I’m quoting from memory here so if I leave out a word it’s still the correct meaning.

The scriptures tell us we are Spirit, Soul and Body.  The Spirit of the creations of God are some part of God.  Our Creator God made all that was made, there is nothing he did not make.  What did he make it out of? He made it out of Himself.  There was no sands of the sea until created.  There was nothing to make anything out of but Himself, Spirit.  All is made out of God yes the very worst man that ever lived on any planet has within that same tiny spark of Holy Fire of God.  Mankind meaning not the male sex but the whole of creation of intelligent beings were made by the same Creator. 

You see the infinite Love of the Creator for the Creation. He spoke, “Let there be Light” and Light was.  He spoke the worlds into existence the blade of grass, the smallest pebble, nothing existed until God spoke it into being.

At the very depths of the heart of every created being no matter how evil or how good, is that same God spark, the Creator.

This is the meaning of “Christ in you” your hope of glory.

Christ is God.  Not the man Jesus born of a woman but Christ, the Divine spark of creation.

Mankind, and this word also includes the female, the scriptures were not just written for the male of the species as was once believed but includes the woman, also. In the very beginning God made “them” he made them “male and female”.  The second version of creation is symbolic and not to be taken literally as in the first chapter of Genesis we see both man and woman made equal in the eyes of our Creator. She was not put beneath the man until the fall and through Jesus on Calvary all mankind everywhere in this vast universe were restored to how they were first created.  My friends, the gate of the garden was opened once more through the cross, you have but to step back  but remember, sin cannot enter the presence of God.

The planets are preparatory schools to train beings in the way they should go however there is much evil not only on planet earth but on all the planets that are colonized, some more than others. If I have another chance to speak I’ll go into the cause and reason of evil but now I want to make clear my point.

Within each of you there is the Divine spark of creation or you would not exist. Paul called it, “The Chrirst”. Remember now, let’s separate the man Jesus born of a virgin from the Christ within which he called, “Father”.  Then he turned and taught his followers to pray,

“Our Father…which art in Heaven”

He did not say to pray to his father he said to pray to “Our Father” he included all mankind in that short prayer, teaching a basic truth that the Great Creator is Father or Creator of all, good, bad and indifferent.  Do you think the “bad” people could be as bad if they knew the truth that within their innermost being dwelt the Great Creator of all? 

When sometimes you are lonely, depressed, feel you haven’t a friend in the world, if you get out your Bible and read that scripture, and think about it, think,

“I’m really not alone at all, my Father is ever with me, he spoke the words through the lips of the humble Nazarene, “I am with you always even unto the end of the world.”

The Father is with you.  The same Supreme Being that holds the stars in their place and there are billions and billions of stars. Yet the greatest Creator of the Universes and yes there are more than one, is with you and in you, according to the mystery hid from the creation of the Universe…Christ, the Mighty God and creator, is in you just as he was in Jesus and did the works and teaching..

If you could just separate Christ from Jesus and see that the same Christ that was in Jesus is in you, right now, wanting to help you and heal you and lift you up, your life would never be the same.

I leave you in Peace, this is all I have. Now let us sing one more song of worship and praise to the Great God of Creation. Let’s no more think of him distant and unapproachable.  God loves you, he sent Jesus to die on the cross that you might understand his great love for you and overcome Satan so you can be healed, you can be free, you can be happy and have power to speak to Satan to get away from you, you don’ have to take his abuse longer, in Jesus you are free, take your freedom and run with it, refuse to allow Satan to control your life, put sickness and sin upon you. God the Creator has made the way, through Jesus Christ,to return to Him.

“For God so loved the world that whosoever believeth shall not perish but have everylasting life.”God loves you, don’t ever forget it.  Valana is used to my saying I’m finished and adding more. Now let us sing.  Jill you have something hon…alright I’ll lead us in one more song…



Let us here in the Earth Mission Station, worship the Great Creator of the Universes with the Pleiadean Chapel Sanctuary led by the dark Altairian Commander of the Universal Protection Fleets.

Worship as long as you wish.

This will close the Morning Sanctuary aboard the Victor Command Ship.


Come back any time throughout the day or night you wish to worship with us and never forget it’s through Jesus on the cross that the separation of Creator and Creations has been healed and as Adam and Eve walked in the garden with the Father we can again walk with our Father in Heaven, restored to fellowship as children of the Almighty God through the blood of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the worlds. 

Let us not forget the cross that has restored us to our rightful place as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God of the Heavens and we can call him,

“Our Father which art in Heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name,

This Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us,

Lead us not into Temptation But deliver us from evil

As thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever



The above is the only prayer Jesus taught his followers to pray, he never said to pray to him he said do not pray to me but to the Father which is in Heaven. If Christians worldwide would only read his words and follow his teachings instead of listening to what some other man or woman tells Jesus said, just listen to his words,  there would not be the confusion and misunderstanding in the world there is of Christian believers.

We leave you with our Peace,

Val and Valana Thor

Ministers of the Gospel of Christ

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  • Patty I can't find where you said that on front page but just do it and I'll glace at it if you get a word wrong it's easy to do the way he talks and backs up and talks over it and doesn't say change it.. he is hard to write for Id rather write for Donn...

    • I'd rather write for Val and I think Donn prefers that too.

    • He really does but didn't want to hurt your feeling after I asked you as he doesn't want me done the same as I was with Val he wants it kown I' his exclusive writer he does not write thru others as the ministry is too important to get hacked up like Val's stor and writings...everyone and their duck writing as Val Thor on facebook...

      And no one else has dared do the Donn Thor Ministry but me and he wants it to remain exclusive and anayone else do it, he has already called liar from hell and he wil pray Paul's prayer against it, he's not letting the ministry be taken away from me as Val's teachings were on the Galactic site..Don an get mean....they an play around with Val as he's a military commander but they better not play around with the ministry of Jesus Christ that's blasphamey and will be punished from Heaven just to hurt me and make me a liar... Donn said it will not happen te Donn Thor ministry is excusive to the site and he said to make note of it on Sanctuary and n ne dares to do the services lives anyway but me they do't even claim to be a telepath or remote viewer, claimsVal lives inI Banquok and calls her for his messages.... and the nasty evil of Aleon to feature Potter's Val Thor Teachig group and he knows it's not Val thor's teachings as long as I was there wsith that group and he Discourses all the members I had compared to his 22 someone told me now and to try to make me false and they know my story is true and what happened to me shows me they are government disinformarion or devils...whichever...And one day they will meet in person the real Val Thor and he has said he will see they get to and they will not enjoy what he has to say to them...

    • If he doesn't want people to know such things tell him that he needs to learn to hide his feelings better.  I knew he didn't want to write with me, I could feel it coming off him as thick as could be.  That's alright, I was uncomfortable with the idea of writing with him too (of course the fact that I knew he didn't want to write with me had something to do with it, but still, it is what it is).

      When you say, "he doesn't want [you] done the same as [you were] with Val he wants it known [you're] his exclusive writer," you aren't lumping me in with all the hacks and the wannabes who are all pretending to channel Val, are you? I always run what I do with Val past you first, and a lot of times you say you're too busy, just post it, but I always try.  So I hope that is not what he's thinking.

    • I guess it's obvious that was Val speaking on mne but I wsrite forf Val so I used to always write for him on mine but recently got his profile but I forfget to use's pretty obvus it's him writing above.. I  usually write for donn but this week he's on Shasta and running arund California, he didn't say if his friend was a male or him Jill I think he has a girl friend on the planet and just pretending to come for other reasons.:o)

    • ricia darling, it isn't that I didn't want to write with  you, I know how Valana has been hurt by all the hate and deliberately trying to make her false, and I don't want that to happen with me.  If one writes with me it gives others off site a chance to say, others write with Donn I can, too.  This is what you felt, it was not you. You do a great job for both of us but I am thinking  of Valana.  You do feel me! I have to be careful now.  Love you dear Sister in Christ

    • I understand that.

    • Looking for your message you said Val's was awesome, I know, it was good, ut have to say this it's too funny...if VAl wrote his ABC's out on a post you'd think it awesome! You are just like Fiora! ha just kidding you it was awesome I thought so too and said a lot...that's the gospel right there he's a bit different than Donn, he's not been on the planet going to the churches tha Donn went to... 

    • Patty you have never made a mistake I've ever seen for Val and Val comes off your writing better than he does ine! I can feel him..

      Donn's just very specific as to his teachings and has to be and he doesn't feel close to anyone else anytime you meet someone in person there's a psychic connection that is better than channeling someone you never knew that's why I can write for Val half asleep without the implant. The implant makes me nervous especially when he's mad as it radiates from him like fire.  I don't know wh he knows and truly do not want to know.

      I really feel you bring Val's personal out as well as I do and he jumps off the page, I can feel him very powerfully on your writings. We should not have told you'll his cosmic daughter then we could have had a good time with my being jealous for fun... but can't do that now...:o)   Fiora is another that brings him off the page, too... I do not doubt she was our Venusian cry baby back 70,000 years ago on Venus when it was in it's prime.

      Poor Frank was afraid to tell the truth that Val took him back 70,000 thousand years to Venus and he met me, and Fiora was the baby..he didn't think anyone would believe the story if he told of time travel back then and probably they would not he made it in present time and as Frank often admitted he was bad to remember names... Deena and Valena as Val seems sometimes to pronounce it rhyme and that's good enough to mess Frank up with names.  He always got Jill and Till mixed up when Jill took her blonde wig off she was Teal and when she put it back on she was Jill she said and she used to do that and have fun with Frank! And Donn would carry on and hug her when she didn't have the wig on, they are a crazy family! They shouldn't have done Frank that way...He's the sweetest thing and has such a loving spirit, so full of unconditional love.. He came to me on Val's ship after he left the planet and put his arm round me and said, "I would have believe you." about the letter Val wanted me to write in 2000 and I didn't send it. So all that happened since is my own fault and we all need to let it go including Val..sticks and stones may break bones but well they do hurt but I forgive let's let it all go, Vall.. for God's sake I can't handle more of it...

    • Valana said: "We should not have told you'll his cosmic daughter then we could have had a good time with my being jealous for fun..."

      Valana, you played your role so well, at times (often times) I was afraid of you for real.  I don't want to play that role anymore.

This reply was deleted.