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of the man, Val Thor

“It is not how many times you have failed, but that you rise one more time to victory.” Words of Val Thor given Valana in 1997 by the late Rev. Frank E. Stranges

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A SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO LIFE By Valana Thor I was thinking today on the problems of the past and the Master Jesus by the Holy Spirit gave me these words.  It would be well for all to read and mediate, some of the problems of yur own life could be dissolved into the nothingness from whence they came.   I might put my own group up and post my own thoughts and teachings.  If I could ever find the time. I wonder if anyone would join? All of our hurts of body and emotion and mind are the dross…

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Verification of my Information by Howard Menger

VERIFICATION OF MY INFORMATION BY HOWARD MENGER Val Thor did not come from Venus as I have stated but his ship was docked on Venus at the time of his 1957 arrival on the planet in his small ship.  I have just found this, as Val led me to find it, where Howard Menger, where the picture of Val, Donn and Jill was taken, confirmed my information in a book.  This was confirmation of what I have said and it truly makes me feel good today so I want all to read it.  Howard and Connie Menger are the…

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LET ME ADD THE BENEDICTION TO THE EARLY MORNING SERVICE IN MY CHAPEL SANCTUARY   I’m sitting here somewhere inside Shasta mountain range looking at a borrowed lap top screen, something wrong with it, I keep telling it what to do and it seems it doesn’t hear me.  They tell me I have to type it in. when was this antique made?  It didn’t come from my planet of origin! Why can’t it hear me? You got deaf computers here on the planet?   We don’t have keyboards.  Our computers will talk back at you! …

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MORNING CHAPEL SERVICES on the Victor - Val officiating

MORNING CHAPEL SERVICES In the Rose Garden Chapel Sanctuary Aboard the Victor Command Ship   Val is transporting to the Victor to assist Jill as he has time to do so in the absence of Minister Donn, who is on the planet at this time temporarily on business. Donn is staying at Mt. Shasta with the tall white Nordics for some meetings with the Nordics here on the planet.  I can do the Morning Service and since Val is in charge this morning I’ll share the services.  I really miss doing the…

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  • Val, this is from Fiora but she has problems posting on the site and it disappeared so she wrote to me personally and not sure where she was putting it but I would think here.
    Dearest Ma Valana,I am having some difficulties coming onto the site.I just received a "Fatal Error" message and yesterday,I wrote a response to I think Uncle Donn's message and it just disappeared.I will try in future to write on another page and then transfer the information,as this way I won't lose what I have written.

    I have been thinking of you oftenly and praying that all is going well for you.The whole world seems to be under pressure at the moment,but if you are happy in your home and with friends and family,you can have a little oasis where life can be good and worth while.I am always comforted by the fact that I know if anything bad were to happen around you ,that Pop Val and Uncle Donn would surely keep you safe...

    I was just reading a post from Diana,and I had a flash back that I thought I would share with you.It was an experience I had while asleep about 4 years ago,but it was very real.This experience seemed to be taking place in the future,as we were all together on board ship;all of our Cosmic family,and there was a feeling of completion and preparing to have some relaxing time together.It felt as if we had finished all our missions here and we were gathering together and unpacking our things.

    I think we were in a dining room or something like it.A woman appeared across the room and was introduced to us. She started shrieking with excitement saying"I remember you,I remember you all.I used to read everything you wrote ,all your conversations and I can't believe I am actually here with you all,now."She was speaking to all of us ,but it was mainly directed at you.She said "my name is Teresa".

    At that time,I had never known a woman called Teresa,so I vaguely remember wondering; who are you? Now,when I see that all of the family that I know of are collected on Eagles Haven,I wonder if it is in Teresa's future to join with us once again.If it is the Teresa who we knew on Eagles Haven,perhaps she was not quite so aware of the important place she shared in our family. Dearest Mama,I love you so very very much.Please be healthy and happy,always knowing how very much you are so loved and so cherished. Sending you,my dearest Ma Valana and also my very adored Pop Val,Uncle Donn,and Aunt Jill mountains of love and hugs,
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  • A hardy welcome now to Cmdr Kor, good to see you again... Who else is new? David! There's my future science Tech, have you all signed up and ready to go and we can use you in the night classes to teach Biology if you volunteer for it.
    Now there's my Venusian cry baby come home! Glad to see you, honey... and I'll have something here to teach later on tonight perhaps. I’ve been a little busy on the ship today . I really appreciate all of you joining, just a few more and I'll catch up with Donn's group. My goal is to pass him with my teachings.
  • Welcome to my first members, my beautiful Cosmic daughter, Marnie, and my beautiful Cosmic Companion, Valana.
    And, Valana darling, you won’t have to worry about my group, I will do my own writing and posting. I notice Donn is now doing the same. Now you can quit fussing and live a more peaceful life.
    • Val, I don't fuss about writing for the two of you. And you have two more members you did not see.
    • Darling find a place to pray over that statement and I'll see you tonight on my Stardeck for dinner and dancing. I'll pick you up at seven.

      And a warm welcome to two more of my Cosmic daughters, Lessie and Patricia. Lessie is familiar with my teachings, which are a bit different than Donn's as from a different level of the Universe though both are true on their levels. Though Patricia may be familiar with them as she attended my advanced Science class in the Academy.
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