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Eagles Haven

welcome to all

We welcome all to come in, put up a group about your favorite subject
or just join groups, surf and read

This is home of the Val Thor 1950 story and his current writings


The ministry of Donn Thor from the Victor Chapel Sanctuary


This is a place to share your sightings, contacts, and positive experiencers

with Intelligences from other Civilizations in our vast Universe 

If you have a story of Angels or Spiritual Healing

We'd love to hear about it

Christian testimonies and teachings are very welcome

Valana Thor, site owner

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Donn left a comment on The Paranormal and Unexplained
"Ben, I suppose I answered this but I didn't make a point of saying of course I believe God created all life everywhere there is no other creator. Satain cannot create all he can do is ccause sickness, sin and death... Moses proved that in his miracl…"
2 hours ago
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Patti Jeanne posted a discussion in SANCTUARY LIVE
From the Rose Garden Chapel Sanctuary
Aboard the Victor Command
The Continuation of the All Day Services

Sister Jill Thor is starting the night session off and we'll be featuring her beautiful singing voice throughout this service. I know of no oth…
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Patti Jeanne replied to Patti Jeanne's discussion All Day Musical In The Chapel in SANCTUARY LIVE
"This will close the afternoon portion of the services and Lord willing I'll be back around 8 p.m. CST tonight for the  continuation of the services and it's my understanding at this time that Minister Donn will have a special message targeted for th…"
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Patti Jeanne updated their profile photo
Patti Jeanne posted a discussion in SANCTUARY LIVE
April 24, 2017
Come in and worship with the Sanctuary Ministry Team and Crew

Minister Donn has lain his guitar on the altar and is playing drums today as our Friday Night drummer is at his duty station. Jill will be coming in for s…
Patti Jeanne left a comment on SANCTUARY LIVE
"Monday April 24 Special Music all day in the Sanctuary

Note: Please post any messages on the other pages and leave this for any special notifications as it will hide the Index."
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Patti Jeanne posted a discussion in MY THIRD STAR
Research reveals brain has biological mechanism to block unwanted memories

Stanford University

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For the first time, researchers at Stanford University and the University of Oregon have shown that a biological mechanism…
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"I like this picture also. I dont know which i like better."
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